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Artwork/File check process

What are the steps involved in verifying or examining an artwork or file using this particular API?

Im Tired

When i add bulk product I get 1000 email Bulk Import Completed! Please check this error.

Error price

Hello, I have the hello print plugin for woocommerce. The prices I get on my product page and when I add to cart are different, can you help me please?

Please mention plugins for wordpress store

Please mention plugins for wordpress store so that products show design and stuff exactly like helloprint.

The global margin % is not working as expected

for example. global margin of 0% gives a price exactly the same as the base price (from helloconnect) setting global margin to 10%: product price is 11% of the base price. setting global margin to 20%: product price is 25% of the base price. setting global margin to 50%: product price is 100% of the base price. In all cases, is looks like the global margin setting (percentage) is actually the percentage of the product price AFTER applying the markup... so not a percentage of the base price, but of the end price. This is very confusing. The customer will pay more for a product than just 'base price' + 'base price\*margin'. It is not clear why this is, and who will recieve this in the end.

Size option bug @ brochures

Hi, We are experiencing a bug on the productpage of 'wire-o brochures': The first selectable option SIZE is missing. Therefor none of the next selectable options are populated. We are using the website in Dutch. Upon search, other users of the same HelloPrint API and same product on their site also have this bug. Our HelloPrint plugin is updated to the latest version 1.8.2 https://imagodrukwerk.nl/product/wire-o-brochures-wireobooklets/ Thank for your time and help!

Can't see all the products I imported in my shop

Hello, I am having a very hard time importing products to my shop (www.pixby.fr) For exemple, I added "All booklets" today which has a total of 9 products. After importing them, in my woocommerce dashboard, on product page I see all 9 of them but the customer only sees 6. So, 3 products are missing (kinda non visible in the shop for the customer) so I thought it would be an importation fail. I tried to delete the 3 of them and reimport them but the problem persists. And that's only one category. It's like... not even 2% of all the products I would like to add to my shop. Is there a fix for that ?

Order Status Problem

Using the API request from "Retrieve a specific order" the API response says order status is **IN_PROGRESS_** ``` { ... ... "orderStatus": "IN_PROGRESS", ... ... } ``` BUT in connect.helloprint.co.uk order detail page order status is **Ready for production** Can you help us how to check how we can match the status for api and the admin dashboard?

Change the language for product description

Hello, The product descriptions appears always in French. Is there a parameter to request the results in another language? Greetings, Mo.

Get all product references

Hello, I can't see where to browse all item reference ids and variant keys. Is there an endpoint to retrieve it ?